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RELISECURE has comprehensive information on IT security frameworks, vulnerability assessment, firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, virtual-private networks, authentication and authorization, anti-viruses and Advance Persistent Attacks (ATPs), regulations and compliances and can deliver you best security products providers to overcome your network security challenges..

ReliSecure - SIEM

ReliSecure - SIEM is a software with exceptional correlation and analysis features, serving as a detection and controlling platform that can be integrated with log management systems, to provide organizations with threat detection and security risk evaluation on network behavior and performance.Although log managers collect and visualize the flowsacross the network in one centralized interface, they usually provide basic contextual information on the events. Without a proper correlation engine to correlate streams of events within a specific time, effective identification and responding to breaches is not possible. Logs vary based on their source and operating system. That means, a firewall log may contain totally different information in comparison to the logs of the same event from other applications. With several advanced correlation rules, ReliSecure - SIEM not only recognizes similar patterns of attacks among shreds of million of event file, but also detects policy violations and validates the IDS and firewalls efficiency.

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